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Virtual Competition - Week 2
1. Which one of these courses are not offered by INSCAPE?
3. Academy of Sound Engineering has campuses in which towns?
5. At Rosebank all courses have SAQA numbers associated with them. The “Higher Certificate in Logistics and Supply Chain management’s code is?
7. STENDEN is in a town in the Eastern Cape with the most beautiful views of the ocean. Where are they based?
9. ETA was established when and where?
2. When was SACAP established?
4. How many Faculties does STADIO have?
6. Oakfields college has their own magazine. What is it called?
8. To study a Degree at AFDA what entrance requirements do you need? One of these is not a viable option. Which one?
10. At CAD4All you can do Distance and online courses. One of these are not offered online. Which one?

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