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Virtual Competition - Week 3
1: With Cultural Care you will be placed with a host family while you are an aupair. Where will you live?
3. What percentage of International Hotel school graduates are employed upon graduation?
5. SAE has 4 main faculties. What are they?
7. The Animation school has 2 campuses that you can study at. These are in?
2. At Milpark you can study the following courses. Which one of these is NOT an online course?
4. VEGA has many campuses around South Africa. How many?
6. Is it true that you can do Job Shadowing at ISA Carstens to make use if somatology is really the career path?
8. Ernest and Young (EY) has an inspiring Motto. It is?
9. Ulovane Environmental training is based in one of our beautiful provinces. Which one?
10. The Swiss Education group work with the top Swizz Hotel Schools. Which one of these is the odd one out and not in Switzerland?

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