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Virtual Competition - Week 4
1. Somewhere on the IStudent stand they state that “Geek is not just a 4 Letter word, It’s a future 6 digit ______?
3. At the ISA Carstens Private Ladies Residence they have 24 hour security, luxury accommodation and even their own little restaurant. It is called?
5. You can study the following Engineering qualifications with UniCollege. Which one don’t they offer?
7. Iam360 is a management company that finds sports scholarships in the USA. They also find scholarships for:
2. NewBridge College is based in the beautiful city of?
4. At the Academy of Digital Arts you can study Concept Art. What is Concept Art?
6. TPTT is a the place to go and study if you want to be a:
8. Open Window has a state of the art campus in?
9. Sommet Education has many campuses all over the world in Switzerland, Spain, France, UK and even China. How many campuses do they have?
10. 3RC has an annual magazine that they print and put online. What is it called?

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