Virtual Competition - Week 5
1. In the BOSTON prospectus – on which page will you find information about a “Diploma in Event Management"?
3. SACAP has been educating agile thinkers since?
5. STADIO has 5 different Faculties. At which faculty would you study to be a Web Developer?
7. Oakfields offers funding options for their studies. They teamed up with a company called _____ to help you learn, apply and pre-qualify.
2. Where can you study an advanced diploma in UX design?
4. At ASE you can get a B.Sc Sound Engineering Degree. It holds an NQF Level?
6. Rosebank is Internationally recognised by (BAC) – This stands for?
8. If you study at Pearson towards a Higher Certificate in Information Systems you will cover:
9. What are the entry requirements at STENDEN?
10.How many Post Graduate programmes does AFDA offer?

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