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Virtual Competition - Week 1 
1. What is the name of the career expo that 3RC takes to over 200 schools all over SA?
3. Pearson has part-time scholarship programs currently open. When does the application process close?
5. When you study a Higher Certificate in Radio & Podcasting at AFDA, how many years will it take you?
7. How many campuses does Pearson Institute have in South Africa?
9. Milpark Education has an office in Johannesburg. It is based in the suburb of?
2. What are the entrance requirements to join AFDA?
4. A Diploma in Sports and Exercise from ETA College is at which NQF level?
6. When was ETA College launched?
8. What is the Boston City Campus slogan?
10.What is the name of the Free assessment test you can do here on the 3RC Virtual Portal?

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